About TerraCurrent

TerraCurrent is a holistic branding, marketing and public relations firm serving clean energy, clean transportation and corporate sustainability sectors. We blend creativity with science to help earth-friendly companies build sustainably and thrive. Our firm is a California-based LLC built on benefit corporation principles.

Our Mission

To help earth-friendly companies build sustainably and thrive.

Our Story

TerraCurrent was formed by Glenna Wiseman, Aimee Tuck and Matthew Hirsch. We carved out careers in solar before a national industry had taken root. Then we built businesses that grew organically into the spheres we inhabit today: clean energy, clean transportation and corporate sustainability. Glenna specializes in public relations, Aimee in branding, and Matthew in marketing. Through collaboration, we saw how to amplify our impact with a full complement of strategic communications and the discipline to selectively pursue opportunities where we can add value and show results. At a pivotal time for our industries and for the fate of the globe, we launched TerraCurrent on the belief that a cohesive group can do more together, making us greater than the sum of our parts. Our work continues until energy flows freely and climate no longer endangers humankind. TerraCurrent has contributed to innovation and growth at more than 40 companies worldwide. We have honed an analytical approach for each of our core service areas. Year after year, we commit to generating social and environmental value from our business activities. Experience is the ultimate teacher. Let us share some of our experience with you.

Who We Help

We serve mid-sized companies seeking to develop or refine a programmatic approach to branding, marketing and PR. We consistently find success in close partnership with senior executives who seek to delegate a portion of the strategic communications program or supplement the communications team with a fresh perspective. We invest heavily in client relationships for the privilege of being treated as a valued member of the team.

Our Process

Our process begins with a discovery phase, where we seek to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a company’s communications program before we offer service of any kind. We believe in transparency and the client’s right to own its data. We share best practices in planning and executing each of the services in our portfolio and value open communication with clients. Above all, we set measurable goals and track them, then report on results to promote continual improvement.

What Our Name Means

 TerraCurrent name meaning image

TerraCurrent is a hybrid word encompassing the mission of our work.

Terra in many languages means earth. For our team, it carries the connection to our work for earth-friendly companies. It also references our global point of view and work for clients whose activities span the globe.

Current has multiple meanings. The most direct connection to our work is the reference to energy. Our team is steeped in the renewable energy sector. The span of our experience is both deep in terms of time and wide across the clean energy supply chain.

Current also references staying up to date. We help you stay present to and thrive in the face of a challenging, fast-moving and competitive world with evergreen and evolving marketing strategies geared to your needs.

Current also has to do with flow. We work with you to harness the power of flow for your organization. Instead of swimming upstream, we help you identify and promote your unique competitive strengths to build a thriving company as efficiently and joyfully as possible.