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Glenna and Aimee have worked with us to craft three campaigns over the last year. We’ve worked together on very successful Solar Power International event campaigns and a consumer directed dealer marketing initiative. They have helped us realize our goals of lead generation at industry events and empowered dealers reaching more end user prospects. Their campaigns are thoroughly prepared and creatively vibrant. We’re happy to have connected with them!

Carolyn Cooke

Former Director of Sales & Marketing, AllEarth Renewables

Vermont-based AllEarth Renewables builds dual-axis trackers that improve the harvest of solar installations. Far from being an overnight success, they have earned national recognition by taking thirty years of experience in the renewable energy industry and constantly innovating products, thinking, and goals.

Although TerraCurrent partners Aimee Tuck and Glenna Wiseman initially developed the company’s 2015 Solar Power International “Say Hello” debut, we have since launched several strategic campaigns and a range of marketing deliverables. This includes the AllEarth Power Curve Advantage in 2016 and the Solar Redefined campaign in 2017. Across these projects, we defined campaign strategies and executed a range of marketing deliverables, such as custom t-shirts, tradeshow booth design, buttons, sales collateral, social media marketing, print advertising, technical documentation, signage, email, and digital channels.

With our help, AllEarth Renewables was able to extend the company’s national brand awareness, reach new dealers with their value proposition, and gain traction for sales. The “Follow the Sun” dealer program garnered participation by 40% of AllEarth’s installation partners in its initial launch.