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TerraCurrent Services Provided

EcoMen Solar is an established solar installation company in New Jersey and New York committed to providing quality, innovative solar solutions for the residential, commercial, and non-profit markets. Focused on bringing the financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy to clients, EcoMen Solar hired TerraCurrent partners Aimee Tuck and Glenna Wiseman to help generate new sales across the tri-state area and increase general community trust in solar.

We provided competitive landscape research on EcoMen’s regional sales market to understand unmet needs in the industry and develop a unified brand story that communicated the company’s value proposition over other installers. With these insights, we redesigned the EcoMen website, developed marketing collateral, and created social media graphics as part of a multi-pronged marketing and design strategy.

EcoMen’s new marketing program allowed the company to avoid costly lead purchasing and instead develop an owned content strategy to organically generate sales.

Selected Projects Completed for EcoMen Solar