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Thank you so much for your work on this first project. The work you did on our client profile, testimonials and marketing ideas is SO valuable.

Tamiko Kikuchi

Former Director of Product Management, Renovate America | HERO

Renovate America provides residents with reliable home improvement financing and helps them connect with local contractors. Its HERO program provides homeowners with low-cost, long-term financing for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and water efficiency projects. It is the country’s most successful PACE program.

In support of the expansion of its HERO program throughout California, Renovate America hired TerraCurrent CEO Glenna Wiseman to conduct customer research and client persona development in order to better understand how city leaders saw the HERO program and how they could improve marketing efforts to reach more decision makers. Full reports included municipal leader testimonials, a municipal leader persona, and strategic marketing ideas. These insights will guide ongoing content and collateral development, helping connect the dots among city leaders with the HERO California campaign.

With our deliverables and insights, Renovate America successfully reached more city leaders than originally planned in the project goals.

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