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Since 1992, Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) has led electric stakeholders to solutions and strategies for unique clean and modern energy challenges. From grid integration and transportation electrification to utility business models and regulatory innovation, SEPA is a one-stop shop for trusted information and solutions to clean energy and grid modernization challenges.

To address the Department of Energy-sponsored Orange Button Initiative, TerraCurrent CMO Matthew Hirsch created and executed an engagement strategy for key stakeholders and target audiences, which included: coordinated messaging with partners and arranged media interviews, strategic KPIs for all efforts, tracked coverage and measured results, and custom original content. Together with key industry partners, including the US Department of Energy, SunSpec Alliance, and kWh Analytics, we also helped feature the Orange Button Initiative on two industry-leading audio podcasts.

Our work with SEPA helped develop strategic partnerships, provide crucial resources to key stakeholders, and underscore a reputation of innovation.

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