Communications in Service to Corporate Sustainability

Underscoring corporate identity and sustainability goals while navigating local constituent and community understanding takes experience. TerraCurrent has deep expertise with major brands communicating their clean energy initiatives.

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As corporations have increasingly embraced RE100 and other measures of attaining a carbon-free operation, they have depended on a host of specialists. Our team has worked extensively with some of those specialists and in so doing have helped bridge the worlds of clean energy and large energy users

Corporate sustainability goals are communicated often one story or milestone at a time. The richness of that storytelling and clear communication depends on expert contributions and collaboration.

We’ve had the distinct pleasure of helping some of the world’s most valued brands tell their clean energy stories, including publicity for one of Florida’s most significant solar projects providing power to the Walt Disney World Resort and publicity for a solar project at the historic landmark building where Bob’s Big Boy has served hamburgers since 1949.


Origis Energy FL Solar 5 dedication
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Impact Reporting

Corporations track to RE100 and other metrics related to renewable energy. We support our clients’ work with global brands helping them communicate their clean energy achievements.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Identifying all the constituents involved in a large project and ensuring each is represented in communication efforts creates a holistic and successful approach.

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Public Relations

Working as a collaborative member to help a brand tell its clean energy story is invigorating. Watching the results of that work unfold successfully is equally fulfilling.

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