Get to Know Your Customers, Then Knock Their Socks Off

Your customers are dynamic and multi-dimensional, just as you are. Enrich their professional lives with a marketing program that considers what customers want and strives to exceed their wildest expectations.

Ask five marketers to define what is marketing, and you might get six different answers. To us, marketing is foremost about listening to people and finding out what they truly care about. We use these insights to solve real problems and build the foundation for satisfying customer relationships.

TerraCurrent approaches marketing as a discipline. Through a strategic planning process, we set marketing goals and conduct the research that enables us to communicate with authenticity, earning credibility and trust. What grabs attention? How can we consistently give people what they want? These are the questions that drive our marketing campaigns and programs. If we can help people improve their lives and work, even a little at a time, we’ll have the chance to come back and do it over again.

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Content Marketing

Give something of value to a defined audience and earn trust. While many marketing tactics center on your brand, or the products and services you sell, content marketing puts your audience first.

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Digital Marketing

Engage your audience through email, social media, search results and other communication channels. Meet people where they are and offer something that nobody else can provide.

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Events and Webinars

Open the door to vital engagement by participating at an industry event, as an attendee, a speaker, an exhibitor or a sponsor. Make the most of the opportunity to convert casual conversations into meaningful relationships.

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Sales Support

Improve performance by breaking down silos and fostering collaboration between sales and marketing. Working together brings consistent messaging, for one thing. Marketing can also qualify leads, helping increase close rates.

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Dealer Programs

Nurture partnerships with distributors, contractors and other businesses. The resources you contribute should enable your partner’s success as much as your own.

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Marketing Collateral

Build brand consistency across sales materials, event content, presentations, social media, and more. Use intuitive design and clean copy to share ideas that anyone can understand.

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