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After the 2019 relaunch of the AlsoEnergy website, web traffic increased 28 percent, fueled completely by organic search traffic.

AlsoEnergy, a Colorado company that initially focused on monitoring solutions for solar energy systems, acquired several key competitors, vastly expanded its offering and sought to reposition itself as the operating system for the grid of the future. Together with L1CG, a management consulting group, TerraCurrent CMO Matthew Hirsch developed content for a revamped website.

We established consistent messaging for AlsoEnergy’s core technology, the PowerTrack platform for distributed energy monitoring, management, and control. We also created personalized website content and downloadable brochures for seven user types, including investors, developers, and asset managers. In addition, we contributed original content for customer case studies and monthly email newsletters. After the website relaunch, AlsoEnergy web traffic increased by 28 percent.