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Strategy for branding, marketing, and PR is a long-term investment, helping you stay consistent and relevant and keeping your programs firing on all cylinders.

Strategy means knowing your brand identity and message. Who you’re communicating with, when, where, how, and most importantly, why. When you invest in strategy, it saves the time and expense of having to start from scratch with every new piece of communication. Strategy also brings clarity and focus to your brand and messaging.

At TerraCurrent, we approach strategy through onboarding discovery meetings and initial research. We use the output to inform an analysis of the marketplace, key customer groups, or personas, and the competitive landscape. Insights also help identify brand positioning, competitive strengths, value propositions, and a framework for communications and visual identity that becomes your brand style guide. In turn, these assets inform the key elements of your website, sales collateral, and other forms of strategic communication.

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Identify industry-specific benchmarks to help improve your communications initiatives. A product distributor worked with TerraCurrent to better understand the marketplace and more effectively reach customers through targeted advertising

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Match the members of your target audience with well defined customer personas so you can personalize communications and provide information that your customers will value. Customer research and persona development enabled one of our clients, a finance provider, to exceed goals for municipality partnerships.

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Size up your branding, marketing and PR activities according to a variety of key performance indicators. For one client, a competitive landscape review led to full identity refresh to better reflect its mission and value proposition.

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Use our Marketing Currents Index™ to track your company’s progress from month to month, quarter to quarter, and year to year according to the metrics that have the greatest impact on long-term growth and success.

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